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Ranger Shop Equipment
BendPak's Ranger Products division offers your garage or shop an extremely diverse array of outstanding equipment to suit every need. At Ranger, we make sure that all of our garage products live up to the same high standards as BendPak car hoists and equipment. Ranger tire changers area perfect blend of convenient features and exceptional engineering, priced for any shop’s budget. And we've spent a decade pioneering and refining Ranger wheel balancer direct axis drive systems, giving users the power of perfect precision. Buy your Ranger Products at the lowest online prices at Equiptool. Call us at (866)622-0242 Now!

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Description: Model: RD-18G Manufacturer: Ranger Products Weight: 34.00 An economical price, durable construction and large capacity make this portable oil drain a must for any automotive service facility....More Details »
Item #: RD-18G
Condition: New
Price: $165.00
Sale: $140.00
Save: 15%
Save: $25.00

Description: Model: RD-20SE Manufacturer: Ranger Products Weight: 0.00 The RD-20SE is the fastest and most affordable way to capture used oil and transfer it to a holding tank using regular shop air....More Details »
Item #: RD-20SE
Condition: New
Price: $360.00
Sale: $310.00
Save: 14%
Save: $50.00

Description: Model: RD-8G Manufacturer: Ranger Products Weight: 17.00 A portable oil drain that is perfect for shop or home use. Unique wide-body design prevents tipping and assures proper balance....More Details »
Item #: RD-8G
Condition: New
Price: $100.00
Sale: $85.00
Save: 15%
Save: $15.00

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Description: Model: RD-15 Manufacturer: Ranger Products Weight: 58.00 Features: • Removable steel mesh cover keeps debris out • Built in baffles and splash guards prevents spillage •...More Details »
Item #: RD-15
Condition: New
Price: $225.00
Sale: $195.00
Save: 13%
Save: $30.00

Items 1-4 of 4

More About Ranger Shop Equipment

All Ranger equipment, from floor jacks and toolboxes to oil filter can crushers and motorcycle lifts;share in the legacy of garage equipment done right. Whether you need wheel service equipment like the best tire machines, brake lathes,wheel balancers and wheel alignment systems; workshop equipment like workbenches, oil drains and toolboxes; lifting solutions such as our wide array of floor jacks, jack stands and bike and quad lifts; or even industrial-grade parts washers that blast the dirt off of just about any part or component, Ranger is the first name in quality garage gear and you can buy them at the lowest prices here at Equiptool.